Welcome to Stems Plein Air Paint 2014
The Stems Plein Air Paint 2014
Winners are as follows:
Best of Show
Beverly Amundson - "A Walk in the Park"
Oil Cagetory 1
1st Place - Kimbell McCurry - "Trees in the Sunlight"
2nd Place - Nyle Gordon - "Monet Garden"
3rd Place - Seth Smith - "Lazarus"
4th Place - David Stewart - "Silent City"
Oil Category 2
1st Place - Nyle Gordon - "O.P. Clock Tower"
2nd Place - Patrick Saunders - "Toy Tractors"
3rd Place - Christine Sundquist - "Morning Daffodils"
4th Place - Ted Knapp - "Main Building"
Oil Category 3
1st Place - Patrick Saunders - "Irises"
2nd Place - Andra Chase - "Unlikely Companions"
3rd Place - R. Gregory Summers - "Santa Fe Sunday"
4th Place - R. Gregory Summers - "Nature Wins"
Watercolor/Acrylic Category
1st Place - Richard Sneary - "Pony Corral"
2nd Place - Susan Lynn - "Peonies Along the Shore"
3rd Place - Johne Richardson - "Into the Light"
4th Place - Jeremy Manning - "Memorial Light"
Pastel/Mixed Media/Other Category
1st Place - Beverly Amundson - "A Walk in the Park"
2nd Place - Barbara Ferrari - "Monet's Bridge I"
3rd Place - Kirstin Novak - "Shadow Play"
4th Place - Vicki Thompson - "Skip to my Loo"
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